A Taboo Life is an eclectic collection of articles, stories, and interviews which strives to tell an entertainingly honest story of the human condition without the confines of political correctness or censorship.

Mission Statement for Podcast:

I believe in the individual. I believe in the strength, the courage and the change a single person can bring to humanity. I believe that people’s stories are important, especially in a world filled with shallowness and cynicism. People are important, and their stories should be told.

Feel free to email me for compliments, flattery, interviews or ideas for stories. Constructive Criticism is always appreciated but bitching for the sake of bitching will be automatically deleted.



Drew H. "Frank"Franks

Producer, Writer, and a Schmuck Who Had an Idea.

Drew graduated from the University of West Florida with a semi-useful Bachelors in Psychology. Drew has lived an eclectic life which follows with his passion for travel and exploration into the different aspects of how and why we live.